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Stone Mill

Fan fiction Mado of Stone Mill features a third haibane nest called Stone Mill, which is an all-boys nest. Stone Mill operates as something of a general construction and maintenance contractor for all of Glie, but especially the other Haibane nests, Old Home and Abandoned Factory. Stone Mill is also responsible for maintaining the power grid and wind turbines. In terms of acreage and building space, it is much smaller than Old Home and Abandoned Factory. Its inhabitants keep it in immaculate condition, and that Stone Mill's small size and importance to Glie are probably the major reasons why. In Mado's world, Glie might not have any electricity without Stone Mill.

Western University

Western University was a nest in Haibi in the world of FHD Remix. It was Haibi's major medical center, and most of its skilled labor were haibane who lived previous lives as doctors and other medical experts. Its four wings are the only buildings built after Deployment to survive the Battle of Haibi, making it the second oldest operational community in Glie, where it has become known as Old Home. The oldest operational building in Glie is the Haibane Temple, formerly known as Defense Tower Four, which was constructed as part of the Deployment event.