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Abandoned Factory is the second of the two Haibane nests we see in the series. In the dojin, and at various times in interviews ABe has stated there care others, but no details are given of their locations, the occupations of their inhabitants or their connection with other nests. Abandoned factory and its inhabitants play a secondary role in the series (although two factory haibane played a pivotal part in past events.) Given this, and the time constraints of the series, it is unsurprising that the known facts about the factory and its haibane are somewhat scant, and much is hearsay, reported by others. Abandoned Factory and Old Home have a semi-symbiotic relationship which may be the norm for haibane nests. Although at the time of the story, past events have driven a wedge between them.

The Factory

Located in Glie's eastern district, Abandoned Factory is a derelict collection of industrial buildings. The 'factory' itself consists of two main buildings, of comparatively open structure (steel construction with no curtain walls), which appear to be at least three stories tall and cover a considerable area in plan. These are set close together, with only a narrow open space between them. Neither is intact, which may be the result of simple age and neglect, or the activities of salvage crews or vandals. The whole is surrounded by a fenced-off tarmac or concrete apron, and there may be a number of smaller buildings, although these are little more than sheds.

Overall, Abandoned Factory is a rather grim and forbidding place compared to Old Home, even the latter's disintegrating North Wing.

While the name of the complex suggests it was once a factory of some kind, no mention is made of what the factory produced, or how it came to be abandoned.

Factory Haibane

The Abandoned Factory Haibane differ to the Old Home haibane in appearance. Whilst Old Home haibane wear mainly formal clothes, Factory haibane tend to wear more casual, fashionable clothes. Some (such as Hyouko) use these clothes to disguise their wings and halos, making them appear human.

Relations with other nests

"Yeah, well, you lot call us junk factory, so..." - Hyoko, Episode 6

The factory haibane are dependant on old home for the care of thier young feathers, and continue to send them to be raised there; otherwise relations between the two nests are not good.

Due to an incident involving Hyouko, Midori and Reki five years prior to the events in Haibane Renmei, and dealt with at length elsewhere. There is often a sense of hostility, mistrust or confrontation between the two nests; While watching an encounter (Episode 5) between Reki and the factory haibane on the bridge (itself confrontational) Nemu seems almost frightened of the factory haibane, or what might happen if they found her and Rakka on 'their turf'. Later (Episode 7), when Hyouko meets Rakka outside Cafe Kartie, and asks her about the recent Day of Flight, he seems concerned that no one should find he's 'broken ranks' by talking to her.

FHD Remix

In the world of FHD Remix, Abandoned Factory was built as Wire Factory hundreds of years before Haibane Renmei. The factory produced semiconductor electronics for markets outside the wall until environmental factors (the same ones that cause wall sickness) caused the market to collapse.

Mado of Stone Mill

In Mado's world, Abandoned Factory really is a "waste factory" or operational scrap recycling facility.