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Old Home (オールドホーム, "Oorudo Hoomu") is a haibane nest in the southwestern region of Guri, just south to the Hill of Winds. Once a dormitory or college, it was later deserted for reasons unmentioned, falling into disuse and disrepair and eventually becoming a nest for haibane. The name Old Home is not the English translation - it is the original name used by ABe in his doujinshi The Haibane of Old Home.

General outline

Old Home is the nest that mostly appears in the series. Judging by the flashback scenes in episode 10, it must have been inhabited for at least 9 years (also see this threadOHBB). It is suggested but never actually said that Old Home is women-and-children-only. (Nemu mentions in episode 5 that she wouldn't mind having boys living there so this might not be the case.) Compared to the Abandoned Factory haibane, the Old Homies are quite stuck up, as mentioned by Midori in episode 12. They tend to be more orderly and less casual then those of the Factory.

It is comprised of 6 main buildings, of which the northern one is mostly in ruins. They are enclosed by a stone wall, the northern part of which is partially collapsed. The wall has two openings, one main entrance gate at the south and a smaller one in the eastern side, near the trash incinerator.

Old Homies

List of known Old Home inhabitants, former or current:

Layout and its inconsistencies

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