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Very little is known about the Toga from the original Haibane Renmei:

  • They cover their faces and dress alike and are hard to distinguish from each other. They all appear to be men, but this is not clear.
  • They are mute. Things like whether this is voluntary or involuntary, whether only inside Glie and not outside the wall, are not clear.
  • The Toga are one of two types of creature allowed to move into and out of Glie. The other is the crow.
  • The Toga use a secret sign language known (apparently) only to themselves and the Haibane Renmei. Only Communicators are allowed to "speak" with or touch the Toga (Episode 2), unless you fall into a certain well in the Western Woods (Episode 9). There is a written language corresponding with the sign language, apparently with binary basis involving the use of all five digits and the choice of hands. This creates a minimum of 64 characters, although there are gestures (near the beginning of Episode 10) and characters (near the end of Episode 10) that fall outside this pattern. This language is seen on the bronze tags lining the moat inside the wall, and on stone books in the Library
  • Whether the Communicator and Haibane Renmei members (those with the sickles, square masks, and wooden wings) are Toga creatures is unknown, although they do appear to be at least organizationally distinct.
  • It is extremely unlikely that the life of a Toga is as simple as it appears in the series. Contribution to Toga Theories in the Fanon are encouraged, especially if you are a Good Haibane.