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"The atom was a gift" is from page 271 of The Last Train From Hiroshima, a 2010 Henry Holt book written by Charles Pellegrino. I checked this book out because I wanted to confirm the cocoon dreams of Shiden and Aware, and did so in many ways. I have also read Bells of Nagasaki, the translated edition of Nagai-sensei's first post-Fat Boy book. I found this quote which so literally described the Doom teleporter that I burst into tears at about 14:26 UTC today. I now feel a conviction that Pellegrino, and possibly the spirit of Nagai, cried out for The Last Train's follow-up, possibly on the morning of 2010 March 15. On page -5, the book, (received by my library in 2010 February) opens on pp. -5 "The question of whether the atomic bombs should have been exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a subject for another time, and for other people to debate." Really?? It has been tragic how flippant and ignorant we humanity have been with powerful and wonderful gifts, like nuclear power, and the far older gift of sex. It has also explored the nuke's relational and spiritual effects, tales of blame, heroism, and survivor's guilt; that atomic radiation seems to cause devastating new neuroses and mental disorders as mysterious as apparitions of antimatter (see pp. 157-8 and come up with a better explanation for those whacked out little foo balls discovered by Nagai and his son discovered.) I personally don't think there is anything special about atomic mental illness. It occurred to me that Reki may have had it. Had her family literally vanished into thin air? Maybe Shiden was her father, and Aware her brother. "God, let me go to the same place they went," and so she steps in front of the very train this book is named for, her moon red from one of these literally bloody atomic clouds. Fhd remix 17:38, 5 June 2011 (CEST)