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FHD Remix

Haibi began with a population of 139488 humans and 4512 haibane. The haibane (ashfeathers) were originally haoto-jin (featherwing beings) of the ancients. During the Deployment event they emerged crippled, their stunted wings reduced from flying form to semi-functional decorations, and they required hikarinium halos to maintain good health. They were also divested of reproductive interest and functionality. As the featherwings were the revered elite of the ancients' survivors, they retained this status as haibane. It was thought by Haibi's original population that the haibane would become extinct after the first generation, until the first cocoons were discovered, beginning the modern haibane pattern. The haibane fell from grace during the catastrophic Battle of Haibi, which destroyed the city, five of the six Defense Towers, and left only a few hundred survivors to rebuild. As a result of this, the haibane status was seriously reduced, a legacy which persists to this day, although nobody remembers why.