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The abandoned factory, sometimes refered to as waste factory, is a coed Haibane nest in the factory district. The main difference between the two nest is that the abandoned factory is coed

The Abandoned Factory Geography

The abandoned factory is in the east district of Glie, also refered to as the factory district. And is across the river from both the centre of town, and the site of most of the action. Maps show the factory in the middle of a district of factories. But despite this it seems oddly inaccesable; Surrounded on all sides by what appear to be functioning industrial units, with the only point of entry we see being a hole in the fence. This 'rat-run' meathod of entry could be a way of increasing the Factory and it's inhabitant's 'otherness'. Not to mention making it look more like a squat than a legitimate, if tumbledown, dwelling like old home. Or of course it could just be Dai showing Rakka his secret way in,(and she, poor girl, keeps coming back there because she doesn't know where the gate is. . .)

Notes, queries,and speculations.

Mado of Stone Mill, a popular fan-fiction story, gives the factory a main gate just around from the hole-in-the-wall entry we see in the anime. It also states that it is a frequently locked main gate.

Due to the fact that the interior of the factor is not shown, it is impossible to determine what the factory was producing before the Haibane moved in. Mado states that the Abandoned Factory is a recycling plant. Although it is impossible to be sure of its purpose,

Haibane of Abandoned Factory

The Haibane of The abandoned factory are much different from the Haibane of Old Home. The first difference is the difference in style shown throughout the series. Feathers from Old Home are seen to be more formal in their dress style. On the other hand, Haibane from the Abandoned Factory are dressed in more "street" fasions. Another difference is the attitudes of the Abandoned Factory Haibane. The Abandoned Factory Haibane are much less formal in their attitudes then their Old Home counterparts.


There are 5 Haibane who appear on screen that live in the Abandoned Factory. Midori and Hyouko are the only characters that are named. The other Haibane are one male and two females. Reki also lived in the Abandoned Factory after running away from Old Home.

Living Conditions

The Abandoned Factory is unfit for keeping young feathers. Due to this, the Abandoned Factory is almost completely reliant upon Old Home when it comes to taking care of new feathers. Almost nothing is known about the interior of the Abandoned Factory due to the fact that all scenes involving it take place outside.