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Haibane Renmei (灰羽連盟), also released in certain countries under the title Ailes Grises (French for grey wings) is a 13-episode anime series by Yoshitoshi ABe. In a wider scope, it also refers to a set of dōjinshi created by him, which was later adapted into the series. The series was directed by Tomokazu Tokoro. Animation was made by Studio RADIX. The music was composed by Kō Ōtani. Producer Yasuyuki Ueda also played a great role in the production.


The Dōjinshi

  • The Haibane of Old Home ch. 1

The first volume of the dōjinshi. Covers the first half of the anime's first episode.

  • The Haibane of Old Home ch. 2

The second volume. Covers the second half of the first episode.

  • Haibane Lifestyle Diary

Released shortly before the series' airing, this one contains short comical strips of the characters as well as some of the concept art for the series.

  • The Haibane of Old Home - Extra

Released when the series was already airing, this chapter delves into Reki's childhood and, as such, is quite spoiler heavy.

The Artbooks

  • Under construction - watch out for falling bricks

Related merchandise

  • Hanenone

The official soundtrack album by Kō Ōtani. Contains music from the series as well as two tracks sung in English. The Japanese release also includes the TV edit of the ending theme Blue Flow by Heart of Air.

  • Puchinone (Out of Tracks)

A bonus soundtrack CD included with the first pressing of Cog.03. Contains more ambient music from the series plus the bonus track Adore. Even when added up, the two soundtrack albums still lack some of the scores in the anime.

  • Seinaru Shoukei (Longing to become a saint)

A tribute/image album by Heart of Air. Contains songs for each of the Old Home haibane and a vocal version of the title song Free Bird.

  • Haibane Renmei Graphic Novel

Officially described as a "full-color adaptation of Yoshitoshi Abe's anime series, presented in the "non-westernized" manga format"[1]. To be released on 6th September 2006.


See the plot summary.

Episode list

  • Episode 00
Also known as the Hane Haeterun? ("Got Wings?") promo clip. A short preview of the series. Released in Japan on the DVD titled Cog.00, along with the first episode of the series.
  • Episode 01
Cocoon - Dream of Falling from the Sky - Old Home
  • Episode 02
Town and Wall - Tooga - Haibane Renmei
  • Episode 03
Temple - Communicator - Pancake
  • Episode 04
Trash Day - Clock Tower - Birds Flying Over the Wall
  • Episode 05
Library - Abandoned Factory - The Beginning of the World
  • Episode 06
End of Summer - Rain - Loss
  • Episode 07
Scar - Sickness - Arrival of Winter
  • Episode 08
The Bird
  • Episode 09
Well - Rebirth - Riddle
  • Episode 10
Kuramori - Haibane of the Abandoned Factory - Rakka's Job
  • Episode 11
Parting - Darkness of the Heart - Irreplaceable Thing
  • Episode 12
Bell Nuts - Passing of the Year Festival - Reconciliation
  • Episode 13
Reki's World - Prayer - Epilogue

(note: the above are the official episode titles as given by Geneon)

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