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Kana in the Old Home clock tower.
Vital statistics
Kanji 河魚
Meaning River fish
Cocoon dream Drifting in water
Haibane age 4
Biological age ~14
True name  ?
Meaning  ?

Kana is a mechanically inclined tomboy. She works at the clock tower in the town's center (and the shop at its base). She is obsessed with repairing the clock in Old Home's clock tower. What she achieves in this is having the bell ring constantly, which does come useful when the Old Home haibane go searching for Kuu in episode 6.


Kana is uneasy in admitting her emotions. She also has a grudge towards crows for their constant scavenging of the Old Home Trash Incinerator.

Precursor Theories

Editor FHD_Remix has a stubborn feeling that Kana may have been inspired by Hamlet character Ophelia but is not familiar enough with the character to treat the theory properly.