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A good haibane needs to find a job and work.

Haibane are not allowed to receive money for their work, although they are permitted to handle real money as part of their work (Haibane Renmei 3 establishes this; Hikari is the cashier of Old Bakery.) Instead, haibane receive a notebook from the Ashfeather Council. The haibane's employer will fill in the blank pages, giving them value so that they can be spent as cash (FHD Remix explores this concept more completely than Haibane Renmei, although it remains consistent with Haibane Renmei until the system is overtaken by events.)

A haibane can emerge, or become Sin-bound, in which case the haibane needs help to recognize his sin. "To recognize one's own sin is to have no sin."(Haibane Renmei 9)

A haibane is not allowed near the wall, with the exception of the tag cleaner (Rakka's job starting in Episode 10; in FHD Remix, tag cleaning is part of the responsibilities of the Defender of Glie). No one is allowed outside the wall, with the exceptions of the Toga and a certain type of crow.