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This is an experimental site. I try to split up the first episode into acts, sequences, scenes, and shots (as Wikipedia suggests) to make it easier for everyone to find the right point for inserting new text.

Cocoon - A Dream of Falling from the Sky - Old Home

Translation from the GWPOHBB (Gray Wings Project)

Short Summary

A girl dreams of falling from the sky before she hatches from a cocoon. A group of five haibane welcomes her as she wakes up in the Guest room of Old Home. After telling them about her dream, she is named "Rakka" (by Reki) and presented with a halo (by Hikari). When all others but Reki leave, she painfully grows her wings. After the fever is gone, she can stands up.

For a more detailed summary, read about episode 1 on Sekai no Hajimari.

Complete Walkthrough

Part I

Act 0 Dream [00'00-01'43]
0.1 [00'00-01'34] Rakka falls from the sky

Title Card [01'35-01'43]

Act 1: Cocoon [01'44-08'34]
1.1 [01'44-03'03] Reki finds a cocoon
1.2 [03'04-03'24] Old Home
1.3 [03'25-04'05] Kana and Hikari arrive
1.4 [04'06-04'58] Outside the cocoon room
1.5 [04'59-06'44] Inside the cocoon room
1.6 [06'45-07'32] Inside the cocoon
1.7 [07'33-08'34] The cocoon hatches

Act 2: Name / Halo / Wings [08'35-19'41]
2.1 [08'35-11'07] Rakka wakes up

Part II

[Act 2, continued]
2.2 [11'08-12'59] Rakka is named
2.3 [13'00-14'28] Rakka gets her halo
2.4 [14'29-18'05] Rakka grows wings
2.5 [18'06-19'41] Reki cleans Rakka's wings

Act 3: Welcome to Old Home [19'42-21'28]
3.1 [19'42-20'34] Rakka has halo hair
3.2 [20'35-21'28] Real wings

Act 0: Dream

Scene 0.1: Rakka falls from the sky

Location: Sky, above Old Home - Appearing: Rakka, a Crow.

This is Rakka's dream.

When she later wakes up, she can only remember the very last part of it, after the crow is gone. (starting at about [01:17]).

Scene 0.2: (Title Card)

Act 1: Cocoon

Scene 1.1: Reki finds Rakka's cocoon

Scene 1.2: Old Home

Scene 1.3: Kana and Hikari arrive

Scene 1.4: Outside the cocoon room

Scene 1.5: Inside the cocoon room

Scene 1.6: Inside the cocoon

Scene 1.7: The cocoon hatches

Act 2: Name / Halo / Wings

Scene 2.1: Rakka wakes up

Scene 2.2: Rakka is names

Scene 2.3: Rakka gets her halo

Scene 2.4: Rakka grows wings

Scene 2.5: Reki cleans Rakka's wings

Act 3: Welcome to Old Home

Scene 3.1: Rakka has halo hair

Scene 3.2: Real wings