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We've spotted some mistakes in the animation of the anime.

Kana without halo

Kana's halo disappears in the Old Home Clock Tower in episode 4.

This is Kana in her own Clock Tower, looking down on Rakka in episode 7 (07:57). Here halo disappeared, most likely because the animators forgot to draw it.

Murphy: I don't know who spotted this. It was mentioned some times in the board.

Four-eyed Fangirl

The Alien Fangirl in the thrift shop in episode 11.

DHC, Inc. spotted this ThreadOHBB in Sep 2004. A very funny discussion followed.

Logozo eplainsOHBB:

Notice that few frame before, the Haibane Fangirl blinks, but her face doesn't change. It means that her eyes were on separate drawings (so that the whole body doesn't have to be redrawn every time). But few frames later, she backs off as Rakka runs away from her. As Fangirl reacts, her whole body is redrawn in a different pose, including her eyes. Whoever composited the scene, forgot to "turn off" the column where her "floating" eyes were, and forgot to "preview" the scene before exporting it to the final editing...

Shrinking Washi

murphy Murphy attempted to measure the heights of the Haibane in the show, but after some discussionOHBB it seems that the drawing is not always exact. For example, in episode 10 Washi is the same size as Kuramori, but in episode 3 he seems to be much taller than Rakka and Hikari.