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Abandoned Factory is a haibane nest in the eastern district of Guri, set across what appears to be a river or canal. As the name suggests, it was once a factory of some kind, though no mention is ever made of what the factory produced or how it came to be abandoned.

General outline

Abandoned Factory and its inhabitants play less of a role in the series than Old Home and seem to have been introduced principally to serve as 'the other'. No mention is made in the series of how long haibane have lived at the factory. Unlike Old Home the Abandoned Factory has both male and female haibane, though it has no provision for taking care of young feathers for any length of time. The Abandoned Factory haibane appear to be more relaxed than their Old Home counterparts, though presumably they still have jobs and responsibilities. That having been said, we never see them working. It is possible (and shown in fan fiction) that the Abandoned Factory is actually producing something, and this may be the job and responsibility of the nest.

The factory's inhabitants could be seen as an example of the different ways there are to be a haibane or at least, an illustration of the fact that different ways exist, and that a haibane's life in Glie isn't some form of semi-monastic monoculture.

Abandoned Factory residents

The haibane of Abandoned Factory:

  • Hyouko
  • Midori
  • Dai (a Young Feather actually living in Old Home)
  • 3 unnamed haibane, 1 male, 2 female

FHD Remix

In the world of FHD Remix, Abandoned Factory was built as Wire Factory hundreds of years before Haibane Renmei. The factory produced semiconductor electronics for markets outside the wall until environmental factors (the same ones that cause wall sickness) caused the market to collapse.