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The first shock of the writing of FHD Remix: The Battle of Haibi has arrived. Forty minutes after I posted this article, which describes the origin of both humans (on Mars) and haibane as de-evolution from the featherwing being, a corporeal imagining of the angel, I discovered a book which proposes, in terms of a non-corporeal Vedic edition of angels, as similar story for the origin of real-life humanity.

I passed by it on the library shelf at about 11:20 on 24 March 2010, and thought, "Human Devolution: ... Alternative to Darwin's Theory"? Might be worth a look at the dust cover, since I knew of no other alternative to Evolution (capitalized with care) other than the short-world Creation theory described in the Bible (archaeological and paleontological evidence doesn't support either theory very well at the moment, and neither side is willing to admit it.)

"We did not evolve up from matter; instead, we devolved, or came down, from the realm of pure consciousness, spirit." The first chapter is titled "Ascended Apes or Fallen Angels?"

Sounds familiar: I saw something like it in Episode 5, and just posted something like that an hour ago on the Haibane Wiki. Predictably, I checked the book out. I also did an author search for what it refers to as its prequel, Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race, and found it in the catalog as checked out. Looking on the shelf for something that might be like it, I found the copy, reshelved without being checked in (an effective way to render a book almost totally inaccessible at the Calgary Public Library) and reported it to the circulation desk (who were understandably grateful.) There was a hold on it, so I could not check it out, but they let me look at it for a few hours.

FHD Remix Chapter 34:

"I can tell from your personal logs," Tatakai says as she hands him back his PDA, "That when you discovered the crystal map, you were shaken by the thought that humanity could be descended from the ancients on Mars. Richard Davis got all excited, but you take seriously the biblical story of Genesis, God's creation of Adam and Eve on Earth and the notion that the apparent six hundred million years of multicellular fossil record was layed down in the 194 days, in the year 2442 BCE (sic), that the Earth was covered in the floodwaters Noah and his family built the Ark to escape." Tatakai says with a tear, "One of ours in the Brotherhood knows you ... he's a paleontologist trying to figure out why the Earth wasn't contaminated with a strata of salt from the waters."

I will fix the flood date in the novel. Anyway, contrast to what I found in Human Devolution page xix

"They found deep in salt mines evidence for the existence of flowering plants and insects in the early Cambrian periods"

Fhd remix 18:04, 25 March 2010 (CET)