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I made the decision about the origin of Glie sometime about September 2009, about roughly the first twenty-eight chapters had been completed. I wrote this chapter on 27 November 2009 and the following chapter the next day. On 6 December, I began to upload FHD Remix to, and watched this video while doing so:

Just a random hit on a Doom 3 gameplay video. I thought the song was cool, so looked it up the next day, 7 December 2009. I found this video by Scott Pagano to the song Antikythera Mechanism by Brian Transeau

Forty seconds in, I thought, hey, that looks an awful lot like Yaiba, and this is an awful lot like what I imagined the terrain was like just outside Glie (albeit, a little pulverized with all the Guardians and Mancubi walking around.) The moment at 2:45, when she reaches out and picks up the cube hit me like a tonne of bricks. I could not stop crying for an hour.

Fhd remix 19:02, 10 March 2010 (CET)