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09:04 2010 15 April found the perfect song to go with this chapter, "Indestructible" by Britt Nicole, which is unrelated (or nearly unrelated) to "Indestructible" by Disturbed featured in Chapter 5. It also appears that the commercial publication of Britt Nicole's song has been suppressed by the artist herself, and it was hard to link the artist to the song I had listened to. I can't find any mention of "Indestructible" in artist official material. At 09:39, my first post crashed on login expiry, and I didn't have a clip backup (oops). Since 09:06, I've been investigating if there is a possible common Storyvoice speaking to Britt Nicole and Disturbed. I've found common track titles in their discographies. Search for common people on these tracks, so far, have not found any commonalities (Disturbed and Britt Nicole are obviously not working together on their music.) The second common track title, "Believe", are closer in style than "Indestructible" and far. Oh, here's an interesting bit from Britt Nicole's "Believe" that fits perfectly with Haibane Renmei Episode 8-9 "I search in circles for a remedy / to fight the poison that is kiling me / It's like I'm falling fast head over feet / Is anybody listening" Fhd remix 18:00, 15 April 2010 (CEST)

Belief Disturbed/Britt Nicole Comparison

The musical style is quite a bit different, but closer than I expected. The Disturbed song appears to be the counterpoint to the Britt Nicole's song. The Disturbed song lyrics "All your penance can't absolve your sin / All your belief cannot absolve your sin" is accurate, and the need that Jesus Christ answers. The Disturbed song is actually a better counterpoint to the Britt Nicole song "World That Breaks", which I probably would have titled "You Are The Answer", since the title doesn't match up well with the concept. I was expecting the song to have a concept similar to "Land of Confusion" by Genesis/Disturbed, or "Planet Hell" by Nightwish. "World That Breaks" is actually a gospel counterpoint to these songs, and it seems very unlikely that there is a common Storyvoice connection there. Fhd remix 18:26, 15 April 2010 (CEST)