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I have the Doom 3 events in the wrong order: in the actual game, the whole Arch-vile mess happens after you meet Swann. Is it important enough to fix? Fhd remix 02:56, 8 March 2010 (CET)

Saboath is the Correct Name

I noticed long after I wrote this story and had it online here, that I had somehow misread the name of Sabaoth, the creature in Doom 3 that Sargeant Kelly turns into and rendered it as Saboath throughout the entire FHD Remix trilogy. I have, just now, discovered that "Sabaoth" (the original spelling) actually does occur in the Bible, although you have to look at a textus receptus translation (i.e.: King James Version) and even then, it sometimes comes out as "Lord of hosts" instead of "Lord of sabaoth". Sabaoth could be some sort of Greek or Aramaic tweak of the Hebrew word Shabat (which is tweaked directly into English as Sabbath, the day of rest.) In both verses in which it occurs, Romans 9:29 "Lord of Sabaoth" and James 5:4 "Lord of sabaoth" (lower case), it is obviously referring to Yahweh, the Father. Romans 9:29 is quoting Isaiah 1:9, which renders "LORD of hosts" (capitalized LORD representing an occurrence of the original Hebrew for Yahweh.) No doubt remains, the Biblical "Sabaoth" obviously does not refer to an evil spirit, while this name does in Doom 3

I have now come to believe that "Saboath" is not in error, but Storyvoice (who guides my writing) introduced this distinction deliberately to protect the biblical name "Sabaoth". Fhd remix 20:20, 24 May 2012 (CEST)