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The Haibane Renmei (灰羽連盟 - Ashen Feathers Alliance, officially translated as Charcoal Feather Federation) is an organization in Guri dedicated to helping haibane in their daily lives and in achieving their Day of Flight. Their temple is situated in the western cliffs, not far from a waterfall. A graveyard is mentioned to be nearby.

Constitution, origin and operation

Known members include Washi (the Communicator), the gate keeper and members of the community watch. The Tooga also seem to be closely related. With the exception of the gate keeper, it appears that the members are all former haibane who failed to overcome their trials. They dress in dark coloured robes and wear wooden masks, fake wings with indicator bells, a head scarf, and an amulet. They mostly tend the Temple and its surroundings. Their unspoken leader is most probably Washi.

The Temple

The temple's building itself is cylinder-shaped, surrounding a circular garden populated by lush greenery. An underground passageway opening from the temple leads to the inside of the Wall.

The Wall

Renmei members regularly travel inside the wall by the boat and collect kouhaku (light leaves) that manifest on departed haibane's name tags. These are then used as the base material in the production of halos. Also see the relevant pages on the Wall and Halo Symbolism.

Sign language

Sekai no Hajimari has a page explaining the signs used by the Renmei and the Tooga and visible on the name tags inside the Wall.


FHD Remix (minor spoilers)

When Haibi was founded, the first haibane emerged from the 4512 featherwings (who had full-sized flying wings) in crippled form. These formed the core of Haibi's government and defenses, called the Haibane Renmei.(The first Day of Flight was in Year 5, and the first cocoons appeared in Year 34; the last of the original featherwing haibane Flew in Year 76.) This government had no single leader, meeting for a maximum of two hours each Monday with the agenda and order strictly moderated by a computer. During the Battle of Haibi at the end of Year 76, this incarnation of the Ashfeather Council was destroyed, along with nearly the entire original city. The Saviour's Light rebuilt only the wall, protecting the survivors. The tetchy meeting computer remains operational, buried in the Central Tower and forgotten. The Haibane Renmei was reestablished in its current form in Year 99. Haibane Renmei's events began in the summer of Year 1206.

The Communicator is almost always a haibane who has suffered a halo failure and lost his wings and voice, it being damaged so that he always sounds like an old man. Even if she's a woman. (It is likely that the occasional Communicator is unable to speak at all.) While it is often the case that the Communicator is a haibane who has failed to escape his circle of sin, it may happen more often that a haibane volunteers for the role at the Saviour's request. A Communicator will often Fly when replaced, and in these cases, his Day of Flight is assumed by the public to be that of his replacement. (This was not the case with the first Communicator, Shiden (紫電 - Purple Flash) in Year 98.)