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Vital statistics
Meaning Air
Cocoon dream Floating in the sky
Haibane age 2
Biological age ~12
True name 空宇
Meaning ~sky castle (Laputa, anyone?)

Kuu is the youngest of the Old Home haibane before the arrival of Rakka, not counting the Young Feathers. She is free-spirited, cheerful but also quite inquisitive as indicated by certain clues in her room (see Threads). She works at a restaurant. Kuu has something of an affinity for cats, being shown playing with them several times. Her character seems to resemble that of Niea (with whom she shares this affinity) from NieA_7, a previous project that ABe was also involved in, though unlike her alien counterpart, Kuu actually has manners. Initially thought to have gone out to the town, she takes her Day of Flight in episode 6. This deeply hurts Rakka, with whom Kuu developed a friendship cut short by her departure.