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Due to the fact that Kuramori's dream was never explicitly stated in the series much conjecture exist about the meaning of Kuramori's name. Many theories exist involving the nature of Kuramori's dream. The most accepted meaning of Kuramori's dream is that it means "Dark Forest" (暗森) from the words "Kurai" (暗い) meaning dark or gloomy and "mori" (森) meaning forest. Other possible explanations include "kuraire" (蔵) meaning store room and "mori" (守) meaning guardian. When the two words are added together it means storeroom guardian (蔵守). These were the two that producer Yasayuki UEDA got out of writer Yoshitoshi ABe in an interview. A third and possibly more ironic explaination is the word "Kuramu" (眩む) meaning to become dizzy and "Mori" (守) meaning a babysitter (Dizzy Babysitter, 眩守)


The problem with the name is that all three meanings are possible. The name "Dark forest" could possibly reflect Kuramori's act of venturing into the Forest looking for medicine for the sin bound Reki. The name Storeroom Guardian is also possible due to the fact that Kuramori was the only older feather seen during the time of Reki's birth. The third name makes sense due to the sickly disposition of Kuramori after finding Reki's medicine.


Physical Discription

Kuramori is an older Haibane with brown hair and glasses. Due to the fact that glasses would be a difficult item to find second hand, it is very possible that she was the previous owner of the glasses that Hikari uses during the time of the show. Although this cannot be proven, the glasses have a very simular style which add fuel to such theories. Kuramori's main outfit included a white sweater and an orange skirt.


Although very little is shown of Kuramori's personality the way she delt with Reki's birth shows a few key aspects. Kuramori's most memorable trait is her caring attitude. Before Reki and Nemu appeared it is apparent that she cared for all of the young feathers that lived in Old Home. Her caring nature is also shown by how she dealt with Reki at the time of her birth. Even though Reki suffered from an unknown illness, Kuramori was willing to help her.