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Guri (also written Glie or Glee) is the city where the story of Haibane Renmei takes place. The Town of Guri contains various shops and other significant landmarks.

The Town of Guri

Great Gate: The city of Guri is surrounded by walls. The great gate used to act as a way for people to enter and leave the walled. Over time, the gate was sealed. The Toga is still able to bring items into Guri using the side door.

Used Clothes shop: The thrift shop is owned by a grungy young guy. The store is a venerable used clothing shop. The shop keeper seems to be grungy, but he shows that he has a good heart.

Main Street: Main Street connects the City's central square to the Great Gate. The shops on this street carry many useful items for those who may need them.

Clock Tower: The giant Pendulum clock that looks over central square. There is a clock shop inside of the clock. During the show, Kana works at the clock tower.

Library: Guri has a very large library with books for almost any reader. Unfortunately, none of these books involve anything about the mysteries of the wall. Nemu and Sumika work at the library.

Bakery: The bakery is the oldest one in town, sadly that doesn't say much about it other than it being the oldest one in town. Hikari works at the bakery during the show.

Cafe Kartie: Kartie is a famous cafe in Guri, the place is known for its split pea soup, that is grown in Guri.

Factory District

Bridge: The bridge connects the Central district of Guri to the factory district. The bridge goes over a river, and allows one to access the abandoned factory district.

Abandoned factory: The Abandoned factory is a coed Haibane nest in the factory district.

Old Home

Old Home: Old home was at one time a dormitory, or a school, but now it serves as a nest for the Haibane that live in Guri. The actual building is in a rather poor state of development, as whole wings are out of commission. The Place is invaluable due to the fact it is one of the few places the Haibane have to call home.

The Hill Of Winds: The hill of winds is filled with windmills that provide electrical power to the city of Guri and Old Home. The hills themselves are quite beautiful.

The Western Woods: The western woods is a dangerous place for people and Haibane, even though legends state that the farming district once worked out in those woods, there really isn't much to prove this idea other than, “Sadako's Well.” Either way, the woods have been fairly empty for generations.

Chapel: The chapel is the last place that Haibane are seen as they take their “Day of Flight.” Although there isn't much information on what occurs during the day of flight, the halo left here acts as a sobering reminder of there leaving.

Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei: Haibane Renmei allows the Haibane to live, by providing a means of receiving the supplies needed to keep the Haibane supported. The Chapel of the Haibane Renmei is far away from any other structure, and is rarely visited by the Haibane. The organization, provides notebooks to the Haibane that allow them to buy items. Haibane Renmei is looked over by Washi, a figure who acts as an intermediary between the Haibane and Renmei.

Graveyard: The graveyard is the place in which the dead are buried, although it is unknown who is truly buried here it acts as a reminder of the mortality of all

Guri is surrounded by the Wall.