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Chapter 13: Glie's New Mayor; Spread of the White Wings; Oops!

[Note: The author has tested: the Soul Cube in Doom 3 is not able to find a cloaked wraith; this is the first of many elaborations on the Soul Cube in FHD Remix]

"I dream of the battle on the red planet," Tatakai sighs, "It was my first major action ... it was the first round of the war that destroyed the world." She weeps, leaning on Yaiba’s shoulder, "Have I always been the pointman for this war?"

"I’ve heard of you," Yaiba whispers. "There was a woman, looked like you, except older when I saw her in moving pictures coming from a machine ... I never saw her in person. ... She was widely praised for never giving up ... she always reported to the hardest scenes of action ... they spoke of rumors that she was secretly on the red planet when they first broke through ... and again seven years later, when they jumped the fleet and came to Earth." Yaiba looks at Tatakai intensely, sweeping strands of hair from her green eyes. "I have no doubt looking at you ... you must be that warrior."

Yaiba continues her story, "I figure that the war on Earth started three and a half years after the peace negotiated between the," Yaiba tries to remember the name of the United Earth Government, "world government and the fleet. I was already in prison. They executed me with all the other Saviour-spawn they had in custody as part of that peace deal. You were in hiding at the time, along with what little was left of the space company. You must have given them a good run after that last war broke out."

Tatakai, with a tear, confirms, "Six months from spring to fall."

"Ah," Tatakai sighs, "The town has five gates ... only the Toga are allowed through them." Suddenly it came down from the Communicator that the Toga are not allowed within 100 metres of the wall anywhere other than at these gates." Tatakai ponders, "The Haibane Renmei does not have that sort of power over the Toga ... I’m quite certain that this decison came from whoever rules the Toga from outside."

Suddenly Tatakai freezes. After Yaiba asks what’s wrong, Tatakai gasps, "A wraith has gotten inside the wall. It is only possible if someone breaks the rules of the walls."

Yaiba asks, "A wraith?"

"Come quickly," Tatakai says, leading her to what used to be Reki's studio almost fifty years before. On its walls is the peeling vision of a rail line and a red moon. Hanging from its walls are pictures of Tatakai's enemies, as best as she can remember them. She points to one of them.

It looks a bit like this: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/doom/images/e/ee/Wraithb.jpg

Yaiba gasps, "Freaky."

Tatakai says, "It has the ability to turn invisible, when it can be heard, but not seen, and no weapon except the light of the Saviour that I wield can find it in this mode ... none of the ones I had before except..." she can't remember the Soul Cube.

Yaiba sighs, "Sounds like a perfect assassin,"

"Stay close," orders Tatakai, "We must get to the tower quickly."

Emerging into the dining room, Tatakai solemnly announces, "Word from the Saviour is that we have an enemy inside the wall. Everyone get to your shelter stations, except Shimoni and Yaiba." Putting her hand on Yaiba’s shoulder, "We might need your skills as a healer."

"And Shimoni?" Yaiba asks.

"I'm driving," answers Shimoni, "Let's move."

Somehow, the three manage to ride the scooter to the Tower. Tatakai pushes while they are going uphill. Once on the catwalk, Shimoni leans the bike over and says, "Do as I do with your wings."

The ground effect of having their wings so close to the wall allows the scooter to shoot around the narrow catwalk faster than ever before.

The Toga usually guarding the entrance to the tower are missing. Shimoni lays the bike down to stop right at it. Tatakai dismounts first and pushes against the door. With a bright flash from her wings, halo and hands, the doors blow inward, the huge iron bar sealing them cut cleanly in two by the Saviour's light. The ground shakes as each piece settles on the ground.

"Hear it?" she whispers.

To her enemy, she says, "You think the Saviour's light can't find you in that form?" Tatakai holds up her right hand and with a flash, the wraith rematerializes uninjured, but flying backwards at high speed.

With nothing more than harmless scratches from its previous victims, the wraith is mortally injured by its impact with the tree behind it. Yaiba takes cover behind Tatakai. Shimoni watches the creature with mild awe and great curiousity.

"Stay back," Tatakai asks Yaiba, then approaches the struggling creature. Once within striking distance, the wraith makes its move, stabbing at Tatakai.

The tip of the long claw stops a few millimetres short of touching the palm of Tatakai's left hand. The wraith's other claw is broken between its shoulder and elbow from the impact with the tree. The wraith's eyes blink and flash, its expression one of surprise and recognition.

Tatakai recreates with her own voice the sound that the creature made, "Campbell?" The creature goes quiet. Its eyes dim and its good claw drops harmlessly from Tatakai's hand. It is dead, and soon disintegrates into glowing cinders, which in turn vaporize into nothing.

Shimoni holds her nose, "My, that stinks!" she complains.

Tatakai, also visibly distressed by the unpleasant odor, chuckles, "No, no ... Kitty stinks ... this is nothin'."

"Oh, no!" Yaiba gasps, holding her hand over her mouth. Tatakai and Shimoni rush to her side and gasp.

Tatakai, the least shaken of the three, pushes her wings as far into anhedral as she can, bending their claws around her shoulders. Tears erupt from her eyes.

The entire council and their entire Toga guard lay dead, pikes in the hands of many of them, including the Communicator. At least twenty unbreathing bodies.

Yaiba weeps, "I can do nothing!" She kneels and holds out her hands, "Saviour, please!!" she screams. No light comes from her wings or fingers. "Please," she cries softly, "have mercy, my loving Saviour."

< I have>, Tatakai hears, <The altar is nearly full.>

Yaiba puts her head in her hands and cries.

Shimoni, leaning on a tree as though a dear friend since childhood, weeps, "Tatakai ... how could you possibly get used to seeing this?"

Tatakai answers, "I don't know if I ever did." She reaches for the Communicator's radio and turns it off.

"Why can't you call Old Home?" Yaiba asks.

"I can," Tatakai explains, "But the way this thing works, all they would hear is a somber, wordless tune, with no clue at all as to what it means."

"Who's going to lead Glie, now? Who's going to protect us?" Shimoni weeps.

"We are," Tatakai answers simply. "We might look like children, but all of us have a lifetime under our belts already. Yaiba and I already have our work cut out for us. I was already in charge of defending the town." Tatakai puts her hand on Shimoni's shoulder, "You've been leading the North Nest construction ... all those houses, so I know you can handle it. Yaiba can lead nutrition, medical care and fitness. I'm obviously the new Communicator, but I can't really understand the civilian operations like you can."

Shimoni gasps, "You're going to put me in charge?"

"Yes," Tatakai says. "You might not think so, but I'm pretty sure you're the only person who can." Tatakai extends her hand to Shimoni, "Please," she weeps, "Lead us ... I know you can."

Shimoni hesitates at first, but then slowly extends her hand to Tatakai's, "Can I count on your help?" she asks.

"Certainly," Tatakai and Yaiba confirm.

After the handshake, Yaiba points out with a wide smile, "By the way, your wings have turned white, Shimoni."

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