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FHD Remix: Three Worlds In One

Fifty-four years after Reki's Day of Flight, our familiar faces have left the nest. Old Home residents now include Shimoni (Downward), Kurai (Gloomy), and Menmo (Fluffy). An earthquake, just a tiny one, shakes up not only Old Home, but all of Glie. That same day, a young lady emerges unnoticed from a cocoon in the North Wing and starts calling for help. Her name is Tatakai (Battle). In her cocoon dream, she is a featherwing angel, her career in the battle against the forces of hell begin when the secretive Featherwing Brotherhood arranged the young Marine to get shipped to Mars. They had learned where the teleportals of Union Aerospace Corporation truly lead: Hell. She later dies in the Battle of Armageddon. Soon, the strange young lady, the first inhabitant of Glie to place the city's context in hundreds of years, realizes that her life may have ended, but her job has not. Tatakai and the other Haibane of Old Home must lead Glie in a desperate struggle for survival.

FHD Remix is a fan fiction combining the worlds of Featherwing Love (also by Terry Wilson, user Fhd_remix), Haibane Renmei, and Doom 3 (the apocalyptic shooter game by Id Software)

Opening Theme: Precious Child (to the tune of "Free Bird" by Kou Ootani)

FHD Remix Chapter 1 Precious Child; A Shaky Start; The End of The World

FHD Remix Chapter 2 Forgotten Beast; Familiar Mask; Silent Towers

FHD Remix Chapter 3 Doom