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Also known as the Hane, haeteru? ("Got wings?") promo clip. A short preview of the series. A later version of this, with voice actors' performances added, is included on the DVDs.
Cocoon - Dream of Falling from the Sky - Old Home
Town and Wall - Tooga - Haibane Renmei
Temple - Communicator - Pancake
Trash Day - Clock Tower - Birds Flying Over the Wall
Library - Abandoned Factory - The Beginning of the World
End of Summer - Rain - Loss
Scar - Sickness - Arrival of Winter
The Bird
Well - Rebirth - Riddle
Kuramori - Haibane of the Abandoned Factory - Rakka's Job
Parting - Darkness of the Heart - Irreplaceable Thing
Bell Nuts - Passing of the Year Festival - Reconciliation
Reki's World - Prayer - Epilogue

(note: the above are the official episode titles as given by Geneon)