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A ladder through the room's ceiling is there on a semi-permanent basis. Now she understands why the kiosk only answers to the "Big Three". Now she understands how Haibi really ended, that she's seen the newest manually created files in the system. She understands why brown is the natural color of the bell nut. [A brown bell nut means "Sorry"] She has no idea what happened to change the almost totally destroyed Haibi into the Glie she knows today.

"Jack," she says to the raven sitting on top of the pad above the kiosk, a pad made only for the birds.

The black bird chirps softly, then signs, "I miss her too."

The blonde haired, green eyed lady pulls a small glass vial out of her coat pocket.

"Isn't that the scratch, Menmo gave you to let you take off your halo?" the bird asks in his sign language.

The lady nods.

"What the heck for?" the bird asks.

"For her, Jack," the kneeling woman says softly, "For my friend and colleague, something to remember her by."

The raven seems confused to no end.

She takes the stopper of the small vial, then swings it back, dumping the contents down her throat with a single swallow.

"What are you trying to get at?" Jack asks.

The woman lifts her halo and with a few small sparks under her hair, the glowing disk with the hole in it comes loose. Holding it carefully by one edge, she slides it between two panels of the kiosk, into a corner. The bird hears the ring, feels the tone in his feet as he stands on the kiosk's frame.

"I think I have it," the lady says, carefully pulling her glowing halo out of the gap. Out of the slit between the two sides follows a dim halo attracted as though magnetically to her own.

The raven pins in surprise, flattening his feathers against his breast and back.

"Well, it had to be somewhere," the white winged haibane smiles.

She pulls the attracted halo from her own and puts her own halo back over her head. It takes a couple of tries to get the glowing ring to stay. Once it does, she holds up the dim halo and says, "Roku, I look forward to seeing you again."

A voice calls her name from above. The lady seems too preoccupied with her old friend's halo to have noticed. "Tatakai," she insists, popping her brown-haired head over the edge of the hole in the ceiling, "The Toga are coming in soon, don't you want to greet them?"

"Coming, Shimoni," the lady finally answers, hurriedly climbing out of the hole, having frantically tucked Roku's halo in her backpack.

The kiosk clockface reads, "SCD+1261 Mar 03 06:29:15" still faithfully counting off the time since the city only it remembers was founded..

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This epilogue is also set after the end of the original FHD Remix: Three Worlds In One

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